Finding The Best Low Mileage Cars In O’Fallon

Finding The Best Low Mileage Cars In O’Fallon

May 21, 2019  

Finding The Best Low Mileage Cars In O'Fallon If you need to buy a new vehicle, going pre-owned is the way to go. You can find low mileage cars in O’Fallon that have just as many features as brand-new vehicles at 5 Star Auto Plaza!

Here are a few reasons your next car should be used:

1. Much or most of the depreciation has already taken place. New cars depreciate up to 50% within three years.
2. You have more choices for make and model, features, year, etc.
3. Since most depreciation has already occurred, you can get more car for your money.
4. Car insurance on a pre-owned vehicle costs less.
5. Older autos are usually going to be less expensive to register, and there are fewer (if any) fees.
6. Being able to view a used vehicle’s history report takes some of the risks out of buying pre-owned.
7. Cars are built to last. It is more common than ever for autos to have more than 100k on the odometer and still are going strong.
8. For questions about a pre-owned auto, you can turn to one of the many aftermarket communities. They can offer tips about maintenance, repair, and recalls.
9. Financing is often a lot easier when you buy used inventory. Many dealers are happy to provide auto loans after repossession if you have no credit or an excellent credit rating.

To learn more about the used auto market, stop by or contact 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636) 940-7600. We have an extensive selection of low mileage cars in O’Fallon and will be glad to show you what we can offer you. Let us demonstrate the used car difference.