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Computer Diagnostics

Auto Service in St.Charles, MO

Most people panic immediately when a service light comes on inside their vehicle’s dash board. Our cutting edge diagnostic equipment will let us know exactly what the issue is, and what service your vehicle requires. Our certified technicians can fully inspect, identify, and service your car quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road. Performing a car diagnostic can reveal a larger issue which can be associated with the transmission, gas tank, oil tank, exhaust system or other components of your car to determine where the issue is targeted.

Once a light does appear on your car dashboard, it is recommended that this be inspected immediately in order to insure that further complications or damage to your engine will develop.

If your check engine light (or any light) has lit up recently, bring your vehicle in to the 5 Star Auto Plaza service department and let our friendly, experienced technicians run computer diagnostics to determine, and fix the problem immediately before further damage occurs.  Contact us at (636)940-1950 for more information for our Automotive Computer Diagnostics Service in St.Charles.