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Car Buyers Bill of Rights

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At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we believe buyers should have expectations.

Buying a new can be daunting. There is research to be done, choices to be made and all that talk about money and credit. It makes some people uncomfortable, especially if they have not done it in a few years.

But buying a car should not be a stress test. All buyers have the right to a few expectations, from the day they start the process, and we take these things pretty seriously at 5 Star Auto Plaza.

Buying a Car Should Be Stress Free

Of course, buying a new car is a big decision. But it should not be a fearful experience. All buyers should expect to examine cars, complete test drives, and get solid data about the car’s performance, without a lot of hassle. Similarly, the car’s cost, as well as all taxes and fees, should be clear and in writing.

Most buyers plan to negotiate on pricing, and most dealers expect them to do exactly that. But negotiations should be little more than a conversation. You should never feel bullied. If you are working with the right dealer, nothing about the process of selecting a car and negotiating its price should raise your blood pressure.

Trading a Vehicle Should Be the Same

If you are trading in a vehicle, the price you get — and the reasons for that price — should be as clear as the information on the new car you are buying. All of your questions should be answered. If there is a negotiation over the price, it should be straightforward, based on the value and condition of the vehicle. Again, nothing about the process should be the stuff of fears and worries.

Credit Approval Should Be Straightforward and Simple

Many of us have run across tough times in the recent economy, and the story is told in our credit history. But applying for credit should never be a shaming experience, and you should never feel judged. Large dealerships like 5 Star Auto Plaza work with a wide variety of lenders, and have loan packages to suit buyers with all types of credit. That takes the anxiety out of the process. Making a credit application should be a straightforward exchange of information.

You Should Expect to Be Happy

When you buy a car, you should be happy with the car. Period. Everything should work as intended. If there is something that needs to be adjusted, the dealer should perform that adjustment. And if you want to change vehicles again, you should expect your dealer to make a reasonable offer for the car–after all, they sold it to you in the first place.

If you have any questions about the car-buying process, or are in need to purchase a used car in St. Charles call 5 Star Auto Plaza and at (636) 940-7600 and let us show you how easy buying a new vehicle can be.