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Getting Approved for Car Loans After A Divorce

  • After a divorce, your credit rating may still reflect any poor credit issues that were present during or as a result of your marriage. These items can have a negative effect on your chance to be approved for new home or larger loans going forward for many years, so it is of importance to take steps toward improving your credit […]

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Why its Smarter to Buy a Used Car

  • Buying a pre-owned vehicle can actually be a much smarter investment than purchasing a brand new car unbeknown to many consumers. Not only are used cars more affordable, they are cheaper to insure, they are easier to finance with auto loans, and you can benefit from a wider selection of vehicles. More Affordable- Purchasing a certified pre-owned car […]

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What to Check on a Used Car

  • Are you considering purchasing a new vehicle but don’t want to shell out the large chunk of change that a new vehicle will cost? Purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle from the experts at 5 Star Auto Plaza is a great way to save money while still getting the car of your dreams. Before buying any used car, we recommend […]

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Come See 5 Star Auto Plaza For Your Next Car!

  • When looking for a quality  St Charles Car Dealership, make sure you come take a look at 5 Star Auto Plaza. We offer the best deals on a variety of used cars. No matter what your situation, we have the vehicle for you. Whether you’re looking for a car, minivan, truck, or SUV, our selection […]

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Welcome To 5 Star Auto Plaza

  • Welcome to the new 5 Star Auto Plaza Blog, where we will offer updates on our dealership news and information.  Serving the St. Charles area since 1997, our dealership strives to offer the best deals on used cars, trucks and SUV’s with great prices and superior service. In addition to our huge selection of used […]

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