Are You Looking For Low Mileage Cars In St. Louis?

Are You Looking For Low Mileage Cars In St. Louis?

March 5, 2019  

Are You Looking For Low Mileage Cars In St. Louis?

A lot of decision-making goes into buying a vehicle. Choosing pre-owned or new, financing or cash, sporty or family auto, truck or SUV can take time. When you want a used vehicle, it is often wise to narrow your options from low mileage cars in St. Louis. Most vehicles last longer if there are less than 100k on the odometer, although you can sometimes find a car with extensive mileage that still has some good life left in it.

You may have the opportunity to decide between an SUV and a minivan. There are benefits to both, but it really depends on what you’re looking for. Consider these points:

  •  Minivans have more room for passengers and there are many choices for a variety of seating configurations.
  • There is more cargo room available in minivans than in SUVs. Large items like camping equipment, strollers, sports gear, and bicycles are easier to fit in a minivan.
  • Cargo and passengers are easy to load in a minivan. Sliding doors offer more accessibility and being lower to the ground is beneficial for riders with mobility issues.
  • While SUVs and pre-owned Acura cars for sale are definitely stylish, minivans start quicker. This is likely due to their lighter weight.
  • Minivans have better maneuverability than SUVs.
  • Sport utility vehicles offer higher seating, can tow more and perform better in off-road situations.
  • You can find auto loans for both SUVs and minivans, as well as other autos and trucks.

Contact the pros at 5 Star Auto Plaza at (636) 940-7600 to learn more. We will be happy to let you browse our inventory of low mileage cars in St. Louis, in addition to minivans and SUVs.