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Automotive Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Auto Service in St.Charles, MO

Your vehicle’s ability to properly and efficiently cool is crucial to your comfort as well as the comfort of any passengers. Your air conditioning system is responsible for not only cooling the air, but also purifying and circulating air.

At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we offer the following air conditioning services for all vehicles:

  • Full inspection of all air conditioning components
  • Replacement of integral cooling parts
  • Routine air conditioning system maintenance
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Leak tests
  • A/C flush

Major repairs can be expensive, but with routine maintenance on your vehicle’s air conditioning system can prevent future costly repairs from occurring. 5 Star Auto Plaza has experienced technicians and the appropriate tools to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system running efficiently and effectively. Call us today at (636)940-1950 to learn more about Automotive Air Conditioning Service & Repair in St. Charles and additional services we offer today.