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Used Cars in O’Fallon Have an Advantage Over New

Used Cars in O’Fallon Have an Advantage Over New

April 5, 2017  

Used Cars in O'FallonVirtually everyone you ask would likely prefer to buy a new car rather than one of the thousands of used cars in O’Fallon. While a new vehicle certainly does have appeal, it is simply not a practical choice for most of the population. Why spend all that extra money when you can get the same amenities for a substantially reduced price?

Be aware of these facts prior to searching for the perfect pre-owned vehicle and demonstrate smart consumer shopping tactics:

  • Insurance premiums and taxes will be less than that of a new auto.
  • A used car only depreciates slightly and then not at all as it ages. This is significantly different than a new model that loses value as soon as it is driven off the car lot.
  • Maintenance costs are usually higher on a used car, dependent upon its age and condition. A well-maintained vehicle typically lasts for many years and many miles. A vehicle history report will provide information about maintenance services that have previously been completed on the car.
  • A good credit rating will allow you more choices regarding vehicle make and model. However, a less than favorable credit score will still allow you to buy a reliable car. There are even options for auto financing after repossession or bankruptcy.
  • Your down payment is most often received in cash, but a trade-in may be possible.

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