Teacher Auto Loans in St. Louis, MO

Teacher Auto Loans in St. Louis

Teacher Auto Loans in St. Louis

Teacher Auto Loans in St. Peters

When a person is a teacher, they need reliable transportation. Building America’s future requires a car to get to and from work, especially for teachers making a long commute. However, just like the rest of us, teachers may have black marks on their credit. Most car dealerships do not care much about the occupation of a person – they are only looking for a good credit score. Here at 5 Star Auto Plaza, we go a bit beyond that, offering teacher auto loans in St. Louis. Not only do we offer guaranteed approval to those teachers with bad credit, we can offer special perks, such as low APR or no down payment loans as well.

Part of why 5 Star is able to do this is because we are a Buy Here Pay Here dealership. May of our competitors depend on outside sources for all of their financial situation. This can really put them in a bind when they offer low monthly rates or guaranteed credit approvals. No matter what, they still must send out their loan applications to a third party. Not only can that take up to a week to process, low scores often bring denials. Here at 5 Star, we are able to offer a more personal touch. We get to really know our clients, and want to make sure all of our teachers have great transportation to get to work.

A great way to bring down costs for monthly payments or to eliminate a down payment is to have a trade-in. Here at 5 Star, we offer top dollar for every trade-in brought into the dealership. Simply bring any vehicle in, and receive a fair and reasonable estimate in minutes.

To learn more about teacher auto loans in St. Louis, stop by or give 5 Star Auto Plaza a call at (636)940-7600. Here at 5 Star, we want to build clients for life.