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Emissions Testing

5 Star Auto Plaza is a Missouri State vehicle emissions test station. Certified and licensed to repair emissions related to automobile components, our expert team is made up of ASE automotive technicians. If your car, truck, van, or SUV has previously failed a Missouri emission inspection, we have state of the art vehicle diagnostic equipment which can assist in getting your vehicle repaired and ready to be licensed. Most days we can offer same day service!

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You need to get an emissions test if your vehicle is:

  • 1996 and newer Gas Powered vehicles or 1997 and newer diesel powered vehicles.
  • 8,500 lbs or less.
  • Registered in the following locations:
    • St. Louis City
    • St. Louis County
    • St. Charles County
    • Franklin County
    • Jefferson County

When do you need to get tested?

  • The Department of Revenue mails vehicle registration 60 days before license plate expiration:
    • Even vehicle model years test in even years.
    • Odd vehicle model years test in odd years.
  • Any time a vehicle is sold or the title is transferred.
  • If you and your vehicle are new to the state of Missouri

What happens if you don’t get tested?

Your vehicle won’t receive new tabs and it will be illegal to drive your car.

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