Buy Here Lease Here Auto Dealer in St. Peters, MO

Buy Here Lease Here Auto Dealer in St. Peters

Buy Here Lease Here Auto Dealer in St. Peters

First Time Auto Loans in O'Fallon / St. Charles County

For some potential car buyers, leasing is a better choice. By choosing leasing over buying, car buyers can expect a lower down payment, access to more warranty coverage, and the ability to afford cars with more modern options. However, leasing also comes with a credit check, and this is often where a car buyer will balk. For those with less than perfect credit, leasing a car may be hard. Clients may look for a buy here lease here auto dealer in St. Peters, but come up short. 5 Star Auto Plaza is dedicated to being the best buy here lease here dealership in the area, with the ability to approve most, if not all, clients with a need for reliable transportation.

As a Buy Here Lease Here dealership, we have the unique ability to be able to make all of our financial decisions in-house. Unfortunately, larger dealerships are usually tied to even larger financial corporations, where the lease applications are processed. These corporations simply look at a person’s credit score and deny the application outright. Here at 5 Star Auto Plaza, we are able to add a more personal touch. By cutting out the financial middleman, we can approve clients with fair, poor, bad, or no credit. Our credit application is simple and easy to fill out, and applicants receive their results in less than five minutes.

Whether the clients is young and just starting out with their first vehicle, or the problem is similar to foreclosure, credit card debt, or even repossession, we are able to offer our clients a second chance.

We welcome potential car buyers to visit us in St. Charles, or to give 5 Star Auto Plaza a call at (636)940-7600. As the best buy here lease here auto dealer in St. Peters, we want to build our clients for life.