Auto Loans for US Military in St. Louis, MO

Auto Loans for US Military in St. Louis

Auto Loans for US Military in St. Louis

Auto Loans for US Military in St. Louis

At 5 Star Auto Plaza we provide excellent deals on auto loans for US military in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. We greatly respect and appreciate everything that the men and women who have proudly served our great nation have done for us. Now that they are home, we would like to serve them to the best of our ability in return.

We provide a fantastic selection of vehicles in our inventory, which is constantly being updated and improved upon. Our dealership carries something for everyone. Whether a customer is looking for a truck, SUV, van, car or other mode of transportation, we have them covered. If a client cannot find the exact make or model that they are searching for within our inventory, we provide a no-charge car finder service within the local area.

At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we provide all of our own in house financing. This enables us to negotiate and close deals much more quickly than establishments that have to wait on third party approval. It also provides the following benefits for our clients-

  • No third party; meaning no third party charges, wait time, or unexpected fees for applying or accepting the financing options presented
  • Free application process
  • Quick and simple application that only takes minutes to fill out
  • Potential car financing package options are available to our clients within a matter of minutes
  • We consider clients with all different levels of credit history; whether good or bad

For more information on how we can help you find a great deal on auto loans for US military in St. Louis or the local area, give us a call at (636)940-7600. Our friendly team here at 5 Star Auto Plaza are ready to help you find and finance the vehicle of your dreams, at a price you can afford.