Auto Financing with Medical Debt in St. Louis, MO

Auto Financing with Medical Debt in St. Louis

Auto Financing with Medical Debt in St. Louis

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Dealing with serious medical debt is incredibly stress inducing. What many people do not know- but find out quickly when they fall into serious medical debt- is that medical debt is actually reflected upon their credit history report. While the details of the medical services rendered are kept private, the amount of financial debt accrued for said services is not. No one needs the additional stress of finding a new vehicle that is both reliable and affordable in addition to health problems; but unfortunately the situation is sometimes unavoidable. 5 Star Auto Plaza is a reliable and reputable local dealership that trained, equipped and prepared to assist consumers with their goal to find auto financing with medical debt in St. Louis and the surrounding locale.

Our team understands how hard it can be for people to get back on their feet after a major accident, emergency or unexpected health complication. We proudly provide guaranteed, full auto financing approval to each and every single customer that we work with; regardless of their prior credit history issues.

At 5 Star Auto Plaza, we don’t just sell cars. We sell affordable, certified and reliable vehicles that meet the client’s budget as well as their lifestyle and recreational needs. We provide security, honest and trustworthy service, and potential to advance and the potential to go wherever the road takes them. We care about our community and the individuals within in. For help with applying for financing, or searching our available inventory you can contact us online, in person or by phone; (636)940-7600. Our regular business hours are from 9am until 7pm Monday through Friday and from 9am until 5pm on Saturday.